Tuncurry - Timber Fender Pile Install

GPM crew have begun installation of 30 timber fender piles at Wallis Lakes fishing co-op fishermen’s moorings.

Newcastle Maritime Centre - Timber Pile Repairs

Repairs are underway on timber piles supporting the heritage listed Maritime Centre in the heart of Newcastle Harbour. A combination of specialised grout and epoxy wraps are being used to preserve worn piles.

Newcastle Maritime Centre Repairs & Piling Works

GPM has commenced Newcastle Harbour Maritime Centre Repairs & Piling Works which involves the installation of new sleeved steel piles at the Maritime Centre to allow for construction of a new wharf


The reconstruction and erosion control of approximately 300LM of foreshore at Morrison Bay Park, Putney.

The construction involves the dry stacking of rough sawn sandstone blocks, a new pathway and cycle-way works, and detailed landscaping. Construction commenced in November 2017 and will be completed in July 2018.